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coco is se cute. || it’s friday & i’m alive so suck on that mayans. || lol. || today was actually a great day! || CHRISTMAS BREAK! 🎄|| i just want you for my own, more than you could ever know, make my wish come truuee, baby all i want for Christmas, is youuuuuu! || •@arianagrande• || •|give credit if you take•|
Missing my baby
#repost #confetti xoxo
Madonna singing “Revolver” last night, she looked and sounded so amazing!  (Taken with Instagram)
Me and @GuyOseary tonight before the opening act. Thanks so much for everything tonight Guy! #excited #flashwastoobright haha (Taken with Instagram)
Right in front of the stage with momma… #madonna   (Taken with Instagram)
Sometimes I forget how much I love red lipstick, then I remember. :]  (Taken with Instagram)
Love youss ❤ (Taken with Instagram)
#throwbackthursday #grandpasgirl (Taken with Instagram)
Missing my silly manager Jen <3 (Taken with Instagram)